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A multidisciplinary team coming from both the professional and the university world, to realize a project, that of The Playful Living, which wants to be wide-ranging.


Daniel Pavone

Concept, Development and Marketing

Kids Expert e Marketing Advisor, thirty years in marketing (and not only) at the most important companies in entertainment & toys (amongst which Disney, Mattel, Spin Master)


Architect and stylist, she has worked with Italian magazines, as well as companies and privates, focusing on emotional involvement through the valorization of design, furniture, products and spaces. 

Concept and Art Direction

Martha Meda


Luca Fois

Concept and Creative Direction

Co-founder of Zona Tortona in Milan, creative counselor and Professor of  Event Design at the  Politecnico di Milano, as well as promoter of the High Formation class "Kids and Toys Design".

Sergio Campo dall'Orto

Operations Management

Expert in technological innovation and its use in complex organizations. In recent years he has specialized in identifying and supporting the growth of innovative startups. He teaches Design Startup at the Design School of the Politecnico di Milano.



Styling Assistant

Nicoletta Zerbo

Team Assistant

Julia Geroni

Brand Identity

QQO Design

Graphic design

Elena Stefani
Francesca Granzotto
Julia Ventinuzzi

PR & Social Media


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