The Playful Living is a co-Design platform that puts people at the center, creating new and better relationships between brands, adults and children. 

Discover our team and our goals.

Camilla Fraboni
Project Assistant
It all began in 2009 at GComeGiocare in Milan, in Paolo Taverna's Kingdom of Toys, Luca Fois and Marta Meda built the Casa Per Giocare dedicated to a family with children, who love to spend a lot of time together in the spaces furnished by Marta.

In 2018 Luca and Marta with Daniela Pavone, Arianna Vignati, Sergio Campo dall'Orto created
The Playful Living, the physical and digital platform to design and promote new relationships between brands, adults and children.

During the Milan Design Week of 2019, in Zona Tortona, we presented The Playful Home, then at Pitti, January 2020, a The Playful Retail and again at GComeGiocare a playful survey event, with the Master Design for Kids & bToys of POLI.design, on the new purchasing models. In 2020 everyone was locked at home. In 2021, in September, in Zona Tortona, we presented La Casa del Presente Futuro (The Home of the Future Present), with Renato Ocone coordinating everything in an hospitable and amusing space of 200
square metres , thanks to the graphics by Elena Stefani. Then, in December in the Stecca, with Elena Rossella Lana and Unusual Studio, we organized Il Regalo Giusto, an interactive space of product experiences, where you can test live and buy on @commerce.

Our story

The goals

Identify the 
new needs
of kids and families to find and suggest new contemporary solutions, qualifying the offer in the wide market of product and services dedicated to kids.
cultural, social and environmental one. Together with people, companies and institutions.
Build an active community
and a pro-active one, to create value throughout the supply chain, from the designer to the consumer.
Enhance and
new shapes of business,
with numbers and values.
Spread the 
"Playful" culture
to develop new positive relations with the world, others and ourselves, through engaging and customer retention experiences.
Before, during and after? More or less...

Luca Fois, Marta Meda, Arianna Vignati, Daniela Pavone, Sergio Campodall'Orto, Giulia Geroni,
Nicoletta Zerbo, Irene Le Noci, Silvia D'Ambrosio, Mattia Italia, Renato Ocone, Elena Stefani, Camilla Fraboni, Elena Rossella Lana, Gloria Tazzini, Alice Carrera, Deborah Guerini and other temporary collaborators.

Who have made recent story

Luca Fois and Marta Meda, with Sfera Media Group, Chiara Bidoli, Maurizio Santandrea, Fabrizia Fabrello, Fiammetta Mazza, Arianna Vignati, Sergio Campodall’Orto and with Elena Conti, Elvira Zhao, Camilla Fraboni, Sara Hassan, Liu Yue and Luca Lombardi, June 2022, together we design A Casa Ovunque, a project of more than 900 square meters divided into 6 spaces with 6 stories and their characters, telling stories of products of selected companies through an innovative approach of communication. Almost ready to see!

Who are writing the current story


Elena Conti
Project Coordinator
Marta Meda
Concept e Art Director
Luca Fois
Concept e Creative Director
Luca Lombardi
Sara Hassan
Project Assistant
Elvira Zhao
Communication Designer
Liu Yue
Technic Assistant