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Milan Film Festival 2019


Cinema is a game able to open and free your imagination, make people live and dream stories that do not exist yet. 

Thanks to this collaboration, the cinematographic kermesse is enriched by a schedule of meetings designed for kids and their companions, set in evocative and thematic mini-settings.
In two locations of the Cinema Odeon The Space (via Santa Radegonda, 8 Milan) it has been possible to participate in creative workshops, talks and round tables to exercise imagination and talk about the themes and needs of contemporary families.


A packed program that tells the philosophy of The Playful Living, a co-design platform that collaborates with institutions, realities from the world of design, architecture, creativity and companies, intervening in public and private spaces to turn them into welcoming places, where you can rediscover the pleasure and value of the game shared between adults and kids.

Milano Film Festival

Milano Film Festival

Play Video

Drawing in songs

with Alberto Maria Talarico

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From the magic in cinema to the magic in play

 with Silvia D'Ambrosio and Paolo Lucci 

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Turkeys from outer space

with Rossella Arena, Carlotta Cubeddu, Alberto Billon, Lorenzo Prioli

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The first and the last. Inside and behind videogames 

with Matteo Pozzi and Luca Fois

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Penso, Parlo, Posto

with Carlotta Cubeddu


Scenic book

with Giulia Poli, Paper Lab


A candle in the wind

with Carlo Francesco Ridolfi


The great game of cinema. Reality meets fantasy through toys 

with Simone Saglietti and Luca Pecora


Young designers playground... super powers from movies to reality

with Luca Fois and Mattia Pozzoli

Powered by Cilab-Creative Industries Lab & Epson

Let's play with cinema 

with Luca Borsa

Young designers playground... the good, the bad and the ugly, or the victim, the hater and the bystander. 

with Luca Fois and Valentina Torrione

Powered by Cilab-Creative Industries Lab & Epson


What movie is this? 

with Luca Borsa

Inlcusion - the role of online gossip, from cyberbullying to cyberhate

with Valentina Torrione

The worlds of dreams between cinema...and reality

with Francesca Arengi and Nicola Cosmo

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Look! Talking pictures from Silent Books

with Sara Adobati and Martina Gerosa

Silence, I am imagining! Visions of Silent Books

with Sara Adobati and Martina Gerosa


Discovering doodleart

with FRA!

The Manifesto of the Blue Generation 

with Chiara Bidoli

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Past events

Past events

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