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The Playful Living is a platform of co-ProjectACTION that puts the kid at the center as a person with a unique approach to daily life. 


Our goals

Identify kids’

and families’ new needs 

to find and suggest new contemporary solutions.

Build an active community

 to create value throughout the supply chain, from the designer to the consumer

Create cultural, social and environmental innovation

 together with people, companies and institutions.

Qualify the offer

of products and services in the wide market dedicated to kids, where the demand for quality exceeds the offer. 

Re-evaluate playfulness

as a universal language, attractive and positive in the development of relations with the world and with people. 

What the Playful Living is NOT

What we do? Explore our projects!

A design studio or a traditional consulting firm, a passive or executive project partner.

What The Playful Living is

A new approach to designing spaces, a platform where professionals work in synergy and where the technical-scientific spirit joins the humanistic-cultural one.

Our Manifesto 


Live with imagination

Reality can be transformed and improved: every object, space, event, becomes an opportunity for something extraordinary.

Live with curiosity

Explore the new, it is intriguing, it enriches us, it encourages us to know us and the others.


Live with empathy

At the base of the evolution, there is the ability to understand, to identify and respect people, things, spaces and time.

Live with simplicity 

Through the simplification of languages, symbols, processes, we arrive at the enhancement of every aspect of life.

Live with irony 

Never forget to see the fun side of things.                                      

Play to believe!

Are you a company?

The Playful Living team works and has worked by providing companies with their expertise, designing innovative spaces in very different contexts: from the rethinking of spaces in the retail world to the most intimate home furnishings.

The only denominator is the approach: synergistic, proactive and aimed at satisfying the needs of all, from stakeholders to end users.


They played with us

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