March 2021
A surprise makes Spring

An egg doesn't make spring, neither the gadget in the egg or a couple of rabbits. Some primroses maybe do.
In a common rainy day during the short Easter holiday or to celebrate your sweet old daddy, there are many ways we can think of to brighten up a dreary day or celebrate a person far away from us. How?
With a nice gift... a Playful one of course! 
Now that's a surprise worthy of the name.

We discover, understand and
interpret the wide world 
of products and services which gravitate around the family system.

Co-design it, together.

Concept Home - Concept Store

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The Playful BlaBazar
We co-design and innovate spaces
furniture, clothes, games, food, services, workshops, toys, events and much more.

Opportunity of thinking inside the family and around family: new balances and new relations adapted to quarantine

and to the future. More and more talks about «a big family»

understood as the largest community of affective, supportive and functional relationships of each person.


TPL works on a concept of Home like the centre of an extended system of people and on a new concept of Retail,

as a centre for the selection of product, services, contents

and a place of social and cultural relations as well as business.

Concept Home — Concept Store

Pitti Bimbo #90
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Store of the future

Who we are


The Playful Campus

A series of interactive entertainment activities to spread the culture and method of design from the youngest age.
A schedule of meetings and experiential workshops to help people get to know and manage their emotions in a playful way which will range from art to creativity, from design to know-how.

The schedule of the first 10 dates is now online.
Visit the Campus page and find out what we have in store for you.


If you want to contribute to the calendar of dates

with your experience, contact us!


FuoriSalone 2019

When the blank sheet becomes a space where you can imagine, where you can try to create, where you can draw and play with shapes and colors, anything can happen.
That's how #theplayfulliving was born, a real home where play becomes a fundamental part of everyday life, a place where emotions, imagination and creativity are free to express themselves.
Discover more and see the whole project.

FuoriSalone 2019

The Playful Campus

The Playful Rubrica

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